Swan Network: 2023 Recap & 2024 Roadmap

As 2023 draws to a close, Swan reflects on a year of significant achievements and growth in decentralized cloud computing. This 2023 wrap-up highlights our key milestones, showcases vital statistics, and previews the exciting prospects awaiting in 2024.

2023 Recap & 2024 Roadmap from Swan Network

Major Developments in Decentralized Computing

2023 has been a year of big changes and new directions for Swan. Embracing our new identity, Swan transitions from FilSwan to an Ethereum layer 2 solution, powered up by Optimism’s OP Stack, starting a new chapter of scalability and interoperability.

Looking forward to launching our full-scale testnet in the first quarter of 2024, we’re on the edge of an exciting time for decentralized computing.

FilSwan announced its name change to Swan at Chainlink Smartcon 2023

Innovating in Multi-Chain Storage

  • Introduction of multi-chain payment functionality.
  • Integration of ACL for monitoring user upload and download traffic.
  • Integration of IPFS Storage, offering enhanced folder sharing and custom SubDomain capabilities.
  • Expansion of Bucket Storage features, supporting both OSS and IPFS storage.
  • Launch of the Pro plan for tailored user services.
Charles Cao, Swan’s CEO introduces Multi-Chain Storage at Collision 2023

Learn more about Multi-Chain Storage through our article “Bridging Decentralized Storage with Filecoin and Swan Multi-Chain Storage”.

Advancements in the Swan Platform

  • Addition of more filter conditions to improve user experience.
  • Batch deal status modification feature for enhanced efficiency.
  • Significant user interface optimizations and performance improvements.
  • Update to Swan-provider and Swan-client to support the latest Filecoin network.

Explore the full capabilities and features of the Swan Platform through our detailed Gitbook.

Building Lagrange

  • Development of Lagrange, offering an all-in-one decentralized computing platform.
  • Launch of innovative features such as Deploy Space, Create SpaceNFT, Fork Space, and Share Space.
  • Introduce useful Spaces, from AI models to Web3 Dapps, for users to experience.
  • Integration with Chainlink data oracles for provable storage solutions.
Swan’s CEO introduces Lagrange — GitHub of Web3 at Networking Night

Gain a deeper understanding of Lagrange and its transformative impact on decentralized data and computing by visiting Lagrange Gitbook.

Developing Meta Ark

  • Introduction of an innovative platform for efficient data management and decentralized storage.
  • Implementation of advanced data backup, processing, and secure storage solutions.

Explore the innovations of Meta Ark in the article, “Multi-Chain Storage & MetaArk: Pioneering Decentralized Storage with Filecoin & IPFS’s Aid”.

Key Stats from 2023

Swan’s commitment to innovation and growth in the decentralized computing space is clearly evident. The numbers speak volumes, painting a picture of a vibrant, ever-expanding ecosystem that is Swan.

Swan Stats 2023

We launched two testnets: the Lagrange Mars Testnet and the Swan Jupiter Testnet. The Lagrange Mars Testnet campaign was crucial for rigorously testing the Lagrange network, covering aspects from GPU computing to space creation and multichain payments, reflecting our commitment to enhancing every facet of our technology.

Stats from Lagrange Mars Testnet

The launch of the Swan Jupiter Testnet signifies the beginning of our ambitious journey to establish an open marketplace for cloud resources, marking a significant step towards fostering growth in the OP Superchain ecosystem.

Stats from Swan Jupiter Testnet

Overall, these key statistics represent not just the growth in user engagement and the vast amount of data managed globally, but also a year of exceptional progress and extensive impact in the field of decentralized computing.

Community Engagement and Growth

Hosting and Participation in Key Events

CEO of Swan Network shares insights at NEAR APAC Conference 2023

Expansion of Community Initiatives

Recognition and Achievements

Funding Milestone

  • Successfully raised $3 million in funding, a testament to the market’s confidence in our vision and potential. View more.
Swan’s Investor List

Awards and Honors

Collaborations and Partnerships

Looking Ahead to 2024

Our vision for the coming year is ambitious and transformative, paving the way for advancements that will redefine the landscape of decentralized cloud computing.

Check our carefully crafted roadmap for 2024 in the table below, which outlines the key steps and milestones we plan to achieve, setting the stage for continued growth and innovation.

Swan Roadmap 2024

Last Thoughts

2023 has been a year of strategic growth and technological breakthroughs for Swan, paving the way for an even more dynamic 2024. As we continue to evolve, our focus remains on strengthening our core product offerings, deepening community relationships, and fulfilling our investors’ expectations.

Join us on this exciting journey into the future of decentralized cloud computing.

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