Lagrange Mars Testnet Campaign Winners Announced, Exciting Future Awaits!

The Lagrange Mars Testnet Campaign has concluded, marking a significant milestone in the Lagrange journey. We embarked on this incentivized testnet with the aim of rigorously evaluating every facet of the Lagrange network, from large-scale GPU computing to model adaptation, space creation, and multichain payments.

The campaign was a resounding success, and we are excited to share the key achievements, winners, and what lies ahead in this recap.

Brief Overview of the Campaign

During the past month, we saw 28 Computing Providers worldwide who offered diverse computing resources. In total, over 130 GPUs were deployed from 9 countries and 17 cities, supplying over 100,000 hours of GPU service and 150,000 hours of CPU service. To see the live provider status, click here.

Space Builders have crafted more than 2,000 Spaces, harnessing the immense computing power provided by our global network of GPU providers during the campaign.

The creativity of our Space Builders extended beyond the construction of Stable Diffusion Spaces. They have also crafted a diverse range of intriguing Spaces, including Jupyter, MusicGen, Minesweeper, Text-to-Speech, Text-to-Voice, Easy-Diffusion, and CodiMD. Feel free to explore these unique creations and fork them to enjoy even after the campaign has concluded.

Within these spaces, artistic expression thrived. The Stable Diffusion engine whirred to life, generating over 100,000 stunning images. From Martian aliens to the landscapes of Mars, participants brought the red planet into vivid existence. In total, 40,000 images have been uploaded into Multichan.Storage.

Congratulations to All the Winners

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all participants in the campaign.

Here is the winner list — a celebration of the talent and dedication displayed by our Lagrange community members. You can find the full list of winners here.

The LAG rewards for these winners will be provided in the form of NFTs, and these NFTs will be distributed on September 26th (EST). Each NFT represents a different number of tokens, which will be accessible to NFT holders following the Token Generation Event (TGE).

How to Verify If You’ve Received the NFT

For all winners, as the NFTs will be airdropped to your wallet address provided, you can follow these steps to verify if you’ve received it.

  1. Connect your wallet address to OpenSea.

2. Click the Profile icon in the top right corner and select ‘Profile.’ You will see the NFT displayed on your profile page.

3. Click on each NFT’s ‘Details — Token ID,’ and you will see the metadata of each NFT.

4. The ‘value’ of each NFT equals the number of LAG tokens you can claim after the TGE (Token Generation Event).

If you have encountered any problems in OpenSea, please refer to OpenSea’s Help Center.

What’s Next: Explore More with Lagrange

As we bid farewell to the Lagrange Mars Testnet Campaign, we welcome you to the next chapter in our journey — the SWAN Universal Basic Income (UBI) incentive.

SWAN’s UBI system is designed to ensure fair compensation for network providers, even during periods of inactivity. This system fosters a stable and responsive network of providers, always ready to undertake tasks as they arise.

For more details about SWAN’s UBI system, please refer to the UBI documentation.

What Now?

While the testnet campaign may have concluded, the journey is far from over.

We are immensely grateful to our fans for their unwavering support and dedication. To stay connected for more thrilling updates on our journey, please subscribe to our Newsletter and follow our official Twitter account.

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