Swan January 2024 Monthly Report

The Swan team is constantly optimizing existing products, hoping to bring you a better experience. In the meantime, we continue to create new products and experiences, so stay tuned!

The following is a recap of what we have achieved in January.

Community Progress

🚀 Roadmap for 2024 Unveiled!

Swan Network proudly presents the achievements of 2023 and an ambitious roadmap for 2024. A year filled with innovation and growth awaits! Explore the comprehensive 2023 report and the exciting plans for the future: Read More

🌟 Swan Chain Saturn Testnet Launch

The Swan Chain Saturn Testnet is now live!

Delve into the groundbreaking features of our Ethereum L2 blockchain designed for AI and DePIN. Engage in L2 AI computing, build with innovative tech, and seize the opportunity to earn up to 3,000,000 SWAN tokens through various programs.

Saturn Testnet runs from Jan 22 to Mar 22. Join now and claim your rewards

🔥 Updates on Ongoing Incentives in Swan Chain Saturn Testnet

  • Partnership and KOL program

Swan Network has introduced the KOL (Key Opinion Leader) Program! Creators of all sizes are invited to apply and can earn rewards by collaborating on posts, videos, and articles about Swan Chain over time. The current round of the KOL program is open for applications from Jan 31st to April 2nd. You can commence your first set of tasks starting from Feb 1st.Apply now!

  • Zealy Campaign & Galxe Campaign

To celebrate the launch of the incentivized testnet, Swan Network introduces community events on ZEALY and GALXE featuring Swan Chain Saturn Testnet. Complete tasks, climb the leaderboard, and win OG Elite or Platinum roles with SWAN token rewards. Previous winners can claim additional rewards.

​​Join the mission on ZEALY: Questboard Link and GALXE: Swan Space Link

  • Computing Provider Program Upgrade

An important code update (version 0.4.1) has been released to address recent issues and support new features on Swan Network. Upgrade your Computing Provider to version 0.4.2 to better participate in the Swan Saturn Testnet Campaign.

Check the dashboard here.

Check the tutorials here.

  • Transaction Drive Program Tutorial

As part of the Swan Chain Saturn Testnet campaign, Swan Network shares a tutorial video on deploying a smart contract for the Transaction Drive Program. Boost Swan Chain Testnet on-chain activity and have a chance to share in a dynamic prize pool of up to 900,000 SWAN tokens.

Watch the tutorial here

  • Twitter Spaces AMA

On January 25th, Swan Network hosted a Twitter Spaces AMA with Charles Cao sharing insights on the Saturn Testnet. Ten excellent questions won 500 SWAN tokens in our giveaway!

Watch the AMA replay here​​

🌐 Swan Ambassador Pre-Registration

Swan Network announced pre-registration for the upcoming Ambassador Program on January 13th. Passionate advocates can apply to represent Swan and receive SWAN rewards, whitelist priority, and exclusive benefits. Applications open from Jan 13 to Feb 14. Apply Here

📰 In-depth Articles on Swan’s Offerings

Swan Network publishes in-depth articles on pioneering decentralized storage through MetaArk and Multi-Chain Storage. Explore our leading role in the emerging DePIN landscape.

Read about “Multi-Chain Storage & MetaArk” here.

Dive into the future with “DePIN Landscape 2024 and How Swan Fits into the Picture” here.

Product Progress

Swan Chain

  • Launched Swan Chain, an Ethereum layer 2 AI computing blockchain built on OP Stack , to support Universal Basic Income (zk-UBI) and cloud computing services in the Swan ecosystem.
  • Introduced Swan Bridge to achieve cross-chain swap with Sepolia and Swan Chain, allowing users to conduct cross-chain asset transfer.


  • Launched Orchestrator to connect cloud computing resources with platform demands targeting service providers, providing high-quality computing services based on Swan Chain.
  • Implemented a Collateral mechanism for computing providers (CP), requiring a certain amount of tokens staked to reliable computing services.
  • Redesigned Orchestrator Dashboard for an intuitive interface and robust analytical tools.


  • Launched UBI-engine to reward providers for contributing computing resources, verified through zero-knowledge proofs.
  • Supported fil-c2 tasks to detect resource online status simultaneously.
  • Continuously monitored proofs submitted by CPs to Swan Chain and distributed rewards based on on-chain proof records.
  • Launched UBI-challenger to monitor the authenticity of on-chain proof data and prevent fraud.
  • Introduced “UBI reward history” on Swan Dashboard where computing providers can view income records.

Computing Provider

  • Enabled providers to integrate with Swan Chain, and support Space deployment on Lagrange.
  • Integrated Orchestrator to open up resource invocation to more Dapps.
  • Supported Orchestrator collateral mechanism where CPs need a certain amount staked when taking tasks.
  • Added computing provider account initialization to submit info to Swan Chain.
  • Supported receiving UBI tasks. CPs can configure receiving fil-c2 zk tasks and submit zk-proofs to the Swan chain. Check the tutorial here.
  • Added UBI task-related commands for task details query.
  • Optimized resource-exporter to be compatible with CPs without GPU.
  • Refined Collateral and Escrow management mechanism to automatically return staked tokens to the Collateral account for new tasks after normal task completion.


  • Lagrange successfully integrated Orchestrator with a brand-new deployment process for a smoother Space deployment experience.
  • Delivered UI/UX improvements for better user-friendliness.
  • Optimized multi-wallet sign-in so users can log in smoothly even with multiple wallets installed concurrently
  • Streamlined renew process to extend spaces without redeployment
  • Added new close function for users to terminate space anytime
  • Improved naming when forking spaces to avoid conflicts with existing names that block forking
  • Refined claim review/refund function
  • Upgraded log display for easier access by users to view space deployment/runtime logs
  • Enhanced space status display by adding more running configuration indicators
  • Optimized visibility into space deployment status/progress by including more granular state updates
  • Improved displaying of currently available deployments per space
  • Expanded Space hardware options to include AI GPU configurations, meeting deployment requirements for AI spaces

About Swan:

Swan is a Layer 2 AI Computing blockchain built with OP Stack technology. Backed by strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Filecoin, IPFS, Chainlink, Polygon, Microsoft Azure, and Google Startups Cloud Program, Swan is well-positioned to drive the future of Web3 Storage and Computing. With cutting-edge solutions like Lagrange and Multi-Chain Storage, Swan is funded by Binance Labs, Chainlink Labs, SNZ Holding, Outlier Ventures, Chain Capital, and more.

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