Swan Chain Saturn Testnet Official Announcement

We are excited to share that Saturn Testnet — the public testnet of Swan Chain is now live. This is a major step forward for Swan, as we aim to enable developers, innovators, and creators worldwide.

We are not only proud of what we have built, but also eager to invite our community to explore the Swan technology and join us in creating a more efficient, sustainable, and inclusive decentralized computing ecosystem.

Introducing Swan Chain

Swan Chain is an Ethereum layer 2 AI computing blockchain built on the OP Stack. Swan Chain stands out in the blockchain space, especially for its strong compatibility with AI & DePIN projects such as Lagrange, Filecoin, IPFS, etc. and its abundant computing resources.

Swan is uniquely suited to support the latest developments in AI and DePIN technologies. With Swan Chain, users have access to a wide range of computing resources, making it a perfect platform for developers who want to leverage the power of blockchain in AI and DePIN projects.

Introducing Saturn Testnet

The Saturn Testnet mission is to rigorously test and showcase what Swan Chain can do. We aim to engage you — the brilliant minds of the developer community — to push the boundaries of our platform.

Running from 22nd January to 22nd March 2024, the testnet offers you a chance to explore features like:

  • Faucet: A service that allows you to claim free SWAN tokens for testing purposes.
  • Block Explorer: A tool that allows you to view and analyze transactions, blocks, and smart contracts on Swan Chain.
  • Developer Tools: A suite of tools that enables you to deploy and interact with smart contracts and dApps on Swan Chain.
  • Bridge: A feature that connects Swan Chain to other blockchains, allowing for cross-chain asset transfers and interoperability.
  • Orchestrator: A decentralized orchestration layer that coordinates the computation and the activities of all nodes in the Swan ecosystem.
  • UBI: A universal basic income program that distributes SWAN tokens to eligible users on a daily basis. UBI leverages zk-SNARK, a zero-knowledge proof algorithm, to enable Filecoin integration. This integration allows the Swan Chain UBI to offer outsourced ZK computing for Filecoin’s zk-proof work.

Additionally, there are many innovative dApps on Swan Chain for you to explore:

  • Lagrange: An all-in-one decentralized cloud computing that allows web3/ AI developers to securely store and deploy code.
  • Multi-Chain Storage: A cross-chain data storage solution for web3 projects or users to store data on IPFS and Filecoin with ease.

How to Participate in the Testnet

We welcome you to join the testnet and share your insights and suggestions with us. Here are some of the activities you can do. The more you participate, the more you will earn. There is no cap to your earnings, the sky is the limit. These activities will start officially on Jan 24th at 9AM EST.

1. Deploy smart contracts & dApps

You can use our developer tools to deploy your own smart contracts & dApps on Swan Chain.

Check our documents and tutorials here.

2. Use dApps on Swan Chain

Test and use applications like Lagrange.

Explore now: https://lagrangedao.org/

3. Claim faucet on Swan Chain

You can claim free SWAN tokens from our faucet and use them for testing purposes.

Check our tutorial here.

4. Bridge tokens

You can transfer tokens between Swan Chain and other blockchains using our bridge service.

Check our tutorial here.

5. Become a computing provider

You can offer your computing resources to the network and earn income for completing computing tasks and receiving UBI rewards as described in the economic model.

Sign up to become a Computing Provider today here.

Check our tutorials here.

Rewards and Incentives

We’re offering various programs and incentives to reward your involvement, with a total of 3M SWAN tokens allocated across these initiatives:

All programs will be announced in each phase, so stay tuned for more details. We’re thrilled about the Swan Chain Saturn Testnet and invite you to join us on this revolutionary journey!

Website: https://www.swanchain.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/swan_chain
Telegram: https://t.me/swan_chain/
Discord: https://discord.gg/swanchain
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/swancloud