Wrapping up: FilSwan Data DAO Night (FVM Introduction)

Session 1: FVM introduction

The FilSwan Data DAO Night (FVM Introduction) organized by Filswan and Filecoin Orbit was held at LOCO Space Lounge in Toronto on 20th January 2023. As one of the first workshops in Toronto for Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM) in the first quarter of 2023, the FilSwan Data DAO Night has attracted many developers.

At the workshop, FilSwan held three session themes starting with Introduction to FVM, coding dojo session, and finally social wrap-up from 4:00 PM — 8:00 PM EST, and a productive discussion with developer audiences in topics related to FVM Introduction for development and Filswan’s MCS.

Session 2: Coding

The Filecoin virtual machine (FVM) is a runtime environment for smart contracts, also called actors, on the Filecoin network. FVM brings smart contracts to Filecoin, the largest open-access storage network on the planet. The FVM protocol upgrade is one of the critical upgrades that have the potential to enlarge the Filecoin economy and increase the usefulness of its blockspace.

With FVM, developers will be able to write software (actors) that interact with Filecoin’s state to build a whole new range of products & services. These hold promising potential for the existing stakeholders in the Filecoin economy. It will also allow more people to participate in the creation and capture of value around data.

Thank you to everyone who joined the “FVM Introduction workshop”

Filswan Engineering Team

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Session 3: The Wrapup
Session 3: The Wrapup

Q&A in the FVM session:

1. What is the benefit of FEVM?
The FEVM adds programmability to the Filecoin network similar to other EVM-compatible chains while providing Filecoin’s verifiable proof of storage

2. How will developers adjust to FVM?
The FVM is EVM-compatible! So developers can take their pre-existing contracts and deploy them to the FVM network. This allows FVM to support battle-tested contracts such as ERC20s and NFTs.

3. How do developers access the Filecoin features?
Using the Filecoin.sol library (still improving) contracts will have access to information such as sectors, deals, partitions, deadlines, etc unique to the Filecoin network

4. How does MCS differ from other decentralized storage platforms?
MCS is cross-chain storage, stores on Filecoin, and provides filecoin’s verifiable proof of storage on the original payment chain. Allowing users to pay for Filecoin storage on their supported network of choice

5. How do I integrate MCS into my project?
Using MCS SDKs (js, python, and go) you will need API keys and Access tokens from multichain.storage


The event was led by Charley Chen with FVM developer speakers Ricky Yuen introducing FVM and its uses for the future. Thank you to everyone who joined the “FVM Intro workshop”. We are excited to announce yet another FVM Hack Day for Toronto happening on the 25th of Feb, 2023. REGISTER

Thanks to Filecoin Foundation and Protocol Labs for their support of this event. See you next time!

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