Swan Unveils Decentralized ZK Market with Filecoin Integration at FIL Dev Summit, ETHDenver 2024


At FIL Dev Summit in ETHDenver 2024, Charles, CEO of Swan (formerly FilSwan), announced Swan’s latest development: a decentralized zero-knowledge (ZK) market integrated with Filecoin. This move expands Swan from its original storage focus to include computing and decentralized markets, targeting stable income for storage providers.

Swan Decentralized ZK Market with Filecoin Integration

Starting as a solution for decentralized storage, Swan has evolved to a Layer 2 solution built on Ethereum, aimed at enhancing the decentralized computing network. The pivot towards a comprehensive computing ecosystem underlines Swan’s commitment to addressing the critical challenges within the decentralized market, particularly the economic viability for storage providers during fluctuating market conditions.

The core of Swan’s innovation lies in its decentralized ZK market, designed to offer a sustainable income model for storage providers. By leveraging ZK proofs, Swan ensures privacy and security while enabling participants to verify the information accuracy without revealing the data itself.

Charles, the CEO of Swan, is speaking at the FIL Dev Summit, ETHDenver 2024.

Swan’s collaboration with Filecoin is pivotal, allowing for a seamless operation where computing tasks are efficiently outsourced, and providers are rewarded for their contributions. This partnership enhances the ecosystem’s integrity, reliability, and security, as ZK validations and essential data are stored on the Filecoin network, ensuring data integrity and secure rewards for participants.

The decentralized ZK market promises a stable income model for storage providers and offers a scalable, efficient, and accessible platform for dApps. Swan’s successful deployment on testnets, showcasing over 403,000 container deployments and the distribution of over 9,000 jobs based on Filecoin, speaks volumes about the system’s effectiveness and potential.

With plans for a mainnet launch, Swan aims to further integrate with other blockchains and enhance its solutions, aiming to provide a stable, secure, and viable ecosystem for decentralized computing.

Watch the full presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hip_wqswaNA

About Swan Chain:

Swan Chain, established in 2021, DePIN built for AI. Leveraging OP Stack’s Ethereum Layer 2 technology, it pioneers the fusion of Web3 with AI, offering comprehensive solutions spanning storage, computing, bandwidth, and payments. By harnessing underutilized computing power from a network of community data centers, Swan Chain drives down computing costs by up to 70% while enabling monetization of dormant assets. Innovative decentralized marketplaces for storage, AI, and Zero-Knowledge proofs, coupled with LagrangeDAO’s efficiency in AI model deployment, make Swan Chain’s AI acceleration seamless and affordable.


  • 10M user addresses and 1M daily transactions on the Saturn Testnet as of Q1 2024.
  • A vibrant community exceeding 100K Discord members.
  • Network expansion to 70+ computing providers across 20 global cities.
  • Over 50K deployments of AI model containers.


Binance Labs, Protocol Labs, Waterdrip Capital, Chainlink Labs, Outlier Ventures, SNZ Holdings and more.


Nvidia, Google Web3 Startup Program, Microsoft Startup Program, Chainlink BUILD, Filecoin Orbit.

Website: https://www.swanchain.io
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