Swan Jupiter Testnet Recap, Winners Announced

We recently wrapped up the highly successful Swan Jupiter Testnet Campaign, a testament to the vibrant Swan Network community. Your active participation not only surpassed the achievements of Lagrange Mars Testnet but also provided invaluable data for optimizing our mainnet release.

In this blog post, we’ll share our biggest takeaways, highlights, and statistics from the Testnet, and reveal how you can claim your testnet rewards.

First, ❤️A Heartfelt Thank You!

Thanks to all your hard work, the Swan Dev team was able to gather invaluable performance data for Swan Chain, stress-testing the testnet built on OP Stack under various conditions to help us optimize our products!

We greatly appreciate the community’s vocal feedback on various topics, and your input will be integrated into the next version release. We also invite you to participate in our survey, contributing to our continuous improvement efforts.

📊Testnet Highlights

Over one month, the Swan Jupiter Testnet achieved remarkable milestones, showcasing the robustness and widespread participation within the Swan Network ecosystem.

Swan Jupiter Testnet Stats:

  • Global Participation: Over 33 computing providers from 9 countries and 12 cities contributed to the testnet, delivering a total of 130,000 GPU hours and 180,000 CPU hours of service. Check the dashboard here.
  • Active DApps: More than 2000 Early Adopters actively deployed a variety of spaces, resulting in a cumulative total of 5,250 spaces leveraging Swan’s capabilities. Explore the Space market here.
  • Transaction Activity: Swan Chain processed over 18.01M transactions, underlining the network’s capacity to handle a significant volume of interactions. Check the SwanChain explorer here.

Provider Rewards:

  • Stable Daily Earnings: Computing Providers experienced stable earnings, with an average earning of 900 USDC,
  • Top Performers: The most dedicated providers earnt up to 300 USDC daily with an impressive 8,000 USDC throughout the one-month campaign.

🌟Our Successes

In the wake of these Testnet stats, let’s delve into the successes that emerged from the Swan Jupiter Testnet:

1.Integrating with Optimism as a certified superchain was a huge milestone. Swan Testnet launched on Optimism’s OP Stack, furthering our pursuit of an efficient hub for computing resources. Becoming part of the expanding superchain ecosystem marks an important step in making decentralized cloud a reality.

2. Our introduction of multi-chain payments powered by Chainlink Function also proved successful. Users could conduct transactions and compensate providers in USDC across chains like Polygon, Swan Chain etc. Payments were seamlessly converted into SWAN tokens, creating sustainable income streams for providers.

3. We also implemented an impactful Universal Basic Income (UBI) trial. This ensured providers received fair baseline compensation even during periods of inactivity when the network saw fewer deals. The UBI program provided stability and will be a core part of our long-term roadmap.

Winner Announcement

We sincerely thank all participants for their valuable contributions to the campaign.

🎉Congratulations to all Computing Providers and Early Adopters!

Each Computing Provider will receive SWAN rewards in the form of NFTs, and Early Adopters will be granted exclusive OAT which symbolizes our appreciation for your pivotal role in shaping the future of Swan Network. See the full winner list here.

Note: Each Rewards NFT represents a different number of tokens, which will be accessible to Rewards NFT holders following the Token Generation Event (TGE).

How to Verify If You’ve Received the NFT or OAT

For all 👨‍💻Computing Providers, the NFT rewards will be distributed within 7 business days and winners will be notified via email. Winners can follow the steps below to verify if they have successfully received the NFT reward:

1.Connect your wallet address to OpenSea.

2. Click the Profile icon in the top right corner and select ‘Profile.’ You will see the NFT displayed on your profile page.

3. Click on each NFT’s ‘Details — Token ID,’ and you will see the metadata of each NFT.

4. The ‘value’ of each NFT equals the number of SWAN tokens you can claim after the TGE (Token Generation Event).

If you have encountered any problems in OpenSea, please refer to OpenSea’s Help Center.

For all 👷‍♂️ Network Early Adopters, Your OAT rewards have been distributed on the GALXE platform. To claim your rewards, please ensure you are logged in using the correct wallet address on the Winners List.

Important: Claiming your OAT rewards must be completed before 00:00 January 1, 2024. Failure to claim within this timeframe will result in forfeiture of your reward.

1. Click here: https://galxe.com/filswan/campaign/GCqMDtt9fn

2. Connect your wallet address: Connect your eligible wallet address to the GALXE platform.

3. Complete all missions: Ensure you have completed all required missions associated with your OAT rewards.

4. Claim OAT: Once you have met the eligibility criteria, you will be able to claim your OAT rewards on the GALXE platform.


If you encounter any difficulties during the claiming process, please do not hesitate to seek assistance. You can reach our dedicated support team through the following channels:

  • Discord server: https://discord.gg/SJDA9uRA
  • Open a support ticket: Within the Discord server, you can open a support ticket for personalized assistance.

Coming Up Next

Our focus remains on launching the mainnet in Q2 of the coming year. While the incentive period for the Swan Jupiter testnet has concluded, the new features introduced will continue to run.

Additionally, Swan Saturn Testnet development is underway, anticipated for January 2024, with more information to be released. Stay tuned!

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