Swan April 2024 Monthly Report


The Swan team is constantly optimizing existing products, hoping to bring you a better experience. In the meantime, we continue to create new products and experiences, so stay tuned!

The following is a recap of what we have achieved in April.

Community Progress

🌟Atom Accelerator Race Kicks Off

The highly anticipated Atom Accelerator Race (AAR) began on April 29th with the launch of the Proxima Testnet — Swan’s final testnet before mainnet! Running from April 29th to June 29th, the Atom Accelerator Race is a significant initiative by Swan Chain to propel ecosystem growth ahead of the mainnet launch.

Get all the details and join the race: https://proxima-testnet.swanchain.io/ Overview of the comprehensive AAR program: https://medium.com/@swanchain/introducing-the-atom-accelerator-race-on-swan-chain-60d2862c076f

🔥 Updates on Ongoing Incentives in AAR

Rapid Ecosystem Expansion: Just one week in, the Proxima Testnet saw incredible growth metrics as developers, computing providers, and users drove immense on-chain activity.

See the Week 1 report: https://twitter.com/swan_chain/status/1787394774929912198

Galxe Campaign Ignites : Don’t miss the action on Galxe! Earn a limited OAT NFT and compete for a share of 900,000 SWAN Credits rewards.

Complete quests on the Galxe campaign: https://app.galxe.com/quest/filswan/GCCQuthxve

AAR FAQs Published: Had questions about the Atom Accelerator Race? We compiled all the key info you need in a detailed FAQ.

Get your questions answered: https://swanchain.medium.com/atom-accelerator-race-faqs-e8f862bc67e0

Saturn Testnet Concludes Successfully

We’re thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of the Swan Chain Saturn testnet program on April 15, 2024.

In just a few months, the Swan Chain Saturn testnet has achieved remarkable milestones and garnered massive engagement from our community. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all participants for their invaluable contributions, which have propelled Swan Chain to new heights:

Did you participate in the Saturn community events? Check out the winners lists for AMA, Galxe, KOL, and more!

AMA (January 25th): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ogBlC-1pTVnqCZp1Gj7mAxC78JrDdV-BM8JtUCYpBUs/edit#gid=0…

GALXE SATURN TESTNET: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Fs8BntyjkMgJUdMMAQPs_c_kmQCl5A302s10cp_JrLQ/edit#gid=0…

KOL Competition: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1za1yz0krfU4B2gldDy4MGe8uZXeCERA1hb7uvaK0_oA/edit#gid=1995452542…

ZEALY SATURN MISSION: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hlYmyxdxFoQPit-H-cxbIgKDvxLkxd8jl-3bVXG0Fn0/edit#gid=0…

Head over to https://claim.swanchain.io to claim your well-deserved rewards.

🏆 Swan Wins Filecoin Data Economy Hackathon

Huge congrats to our founder Charles Cao (@0xcharlescao) on winning the IPFS NSFW Detection category at the Filecoin Data Economy Hackathon! This remarkable achievement is a testament to the dedication and expertise of our team at Swan Chain. Kudos to everyone involved!

🔗 Swan Joins Optimism Superchain

We’re honored for Swan Chain to officially join the Optimism’s Superchain ecosystem of leading projects! Welcome from Superchain:

🎙 Founder AMA on AI Privacy & Ethics

In an AMA hosted by Public AI, our founder engaged in a lively discussion on privacy, ethics and data in AI.

📝 Post Articles

  • Swan Unveils Decentralized ZK Market with Filecoin Integration at FIL Dev Summit, ETHDenver 2024: Read
  • Decentralized AI Computing Marketplace — What It Is, How It Works, Benefits: Read

Product Progress

🛠 Orchestrator:

  • Switched to the Swan Chain (Proxima) to ensure the product is in sync with the latest technology.
  • Released Orchestrator-SDK 0.0.2 version, providing users with a more convenient way to deploy tasks .
  • Working on the Bridge functionality and improving the withdrawal process, enhancing user monitoring. Expected rollout in a week.
  • Added the My-CP-Info page, providing computing providers (CPs) with a intuitive data display to better understand and manage their own information.

🔬 Lagrange:

  • Migrated Lagrange functionality to the new testnet environment (Swan Chain Proxima Testnet).
  • Added display of the previous deployment failure reason on the APP page, helping users redeploy spaces.
  • Adjusted the Payment History page, users no longer need to manually refund.
  • Adjusted the display of space deployment time/expiration time to avoid misjudgment of space expiration.

💻 Computing Provider:

  • Released v0.4.6 version, applicable for the Atom Accelerator Race.
  • Introduced FCP and ECP allows users to select different CP functionalities based on task types
  • Users can run ECP independently to receive zk tasks and earn rewards.
  • Added whitelist functionality, FCP can customize whether to receive specific users’ space tasks.
  • Added resource monitoring functionality for FCP, warning messages will be printed when available resources are insufficient.
  • Added the ability to view ZK task execution logs in the FCP run log.

🌐ZK Market:

  • UBI-engine renamed to ZK-market, supporting more types of ZK tasks.
  • Added ECP data statistics functionality, users can view current ECP resource information on the dashboard.

About Swan Chain:

Swan Chain, established in 2021, DePIN built for AI. Leveraging OP Stack’s Ethereum Layer 2 technology, it pioneers the fusion of Web3 with AI, offering comprehensive solutions spanning storage, computing, bandwidth, and payments. By harnessing underutilized computing power from a network of community data centers, Swan Chain drives down computing costs by up to 70% while enabling monetization of dormant assets. Innovative decentralized marketplaces for storage, AI, and Zero-Knowledge proofs, coupled with LagrangeDAO’s efficiency in AI model deployment, make Swan Chain’s AI acceleration seamless and affordable.


  • 10M user addresses and 1M daily transactions on the Saturn Testnet as of Q1 2024.
  • A vibrant community exceeding 100K Discord members.
  • Network expansion to 70+ computing providers across 20 global cities.
  • Over 50K deployments of AI model containers.


Binance Labs, Protocol Labs, Waterdrip Capital, Chainlink Labs, Outlier Ventures, SNZ Holdings and more.


Nvidia, Google Web3 Startup Program, Microsoft Startup Program, Chainlink BUILD, Filecoin Orbit.

Website: https://www.swanchain.io



Swan Chain - Building A Full Toolset AI Blockchain

Using OP Stack's Ethereum Layer 2 technology, we pioneers in merging Web3 with AI by providing full solutions across storage, computing, bandwidth, and payments