How to add Polygon Mumbai Testnet to MetaMask

In this guide, we will show you two ways to add Metamask to Polygon Mumbai Testnet.

Connect Metamask to Polygon Testnet using Chainlist

Head over to Chainlist and search for Polygon, ensure that the Testnets button is turned on.

From there, click on Connect Wallet on Mumbai then click Add to Metamask.

Click Approve and you should see the Mumbai Testnet in Metamask.

Connect Metamask to Polygon Testnet manually

Alternatively, we can add the network manually.

Click on the dropdown menu on top of the MetaMask wallet extension and select Add Network.

Fill in the following details:

Once completed, click Save and you should see the Testnet appearing on Metamask.

If the connection fails to connect, replace the RPC URL below:

How to obtain MATIC faucet tokens on Mumbai

Once you have connected to the Mumbai testnet, head over to the official faucet for free test tokens.

Paste your wallet address in the Wallet Address field, and select the token to receive — you can receive MATIC or other test tokens. Ensure that you are selecting Mumbai.

Click Submit and then click confirm. You should receive free test tokens in your wallet after a couple of minutes.

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