ANNOUNCEMENT | FilSwan Incentivized Proton Testnet

Today we are excited to announce our 2nd testnet — Proton testnet for FilSwan.

After months of hard work, we are excited to announce that we will be launching the 2nd FilSwan Proton Testnet on June 10, 2022. Proton Testnet 2 is a technology upgrade from Testnet 1. It is aiming to enhance the usability of the FilSwan cross-chain experience as a user/developer/service provider and reduce the cost.

This one-week-long testnet 2 is designed for developers, crypto enthusiasts, service providers, and anyone looking to participate in the Web3. It allows users to stress-test the recently released features that focused on real-world storage(like small file storage, multi backups to service providers), NFT minting, DAO governance, and application development.

The 1st testnet in March validated the proof of concept of FilSwan cross-chain functionality. During the two-weeks test, we have over 250+ participants and generated over 13,000 NFTs on the OpenSea Testnet. Thanks to the community, Testnet 1 is a great success!

1. The total bonus pool

All participants will have the opportunity to share a total of 500,000 Swan Credits, 100TB Datacap (storage providers only), and 85 $FILs.

Swan credits can be redeemed for Swan tokens (once generated).

Swan credits, Datacap, and $FILs will be distributed according to participants’ rank on the leader board.

2. Duration

EST: June 10, 2022, 09:00:00- June 16, 2022, 09:00:00

UTC + 8: June 10, 2022, 21 :00 :00- June 16, 2022, 21:00:00

3. How to participate

There are two tracks in Testnet 2:

Track One: User Track

Users will be invited to upload files, mint NFTs, and pay for storage using stable coins (test)using either the WebApp or API (link to API doc, SDK)

i. Access: or use the MCS SDK API portal to participate in

ii. Upload at least three files

iii. Mint at least 3 NFTs

Track Two: Storage Service Provider

You can also participate in testnet 2 as a Filecoin storage provider. Storage providers will be scored based on the deal success rate, and total deal amount.

i. Install the Swan Provider tool to perform related Settings

Details refer to:

Swan Provider Tools ( MultiMiner version)

ii. Complete at least one data file receiving process

  1. WID

In the FilSwan network, every single request is a “task”, and every cross-chain task has a unique WID (an 84-byte code) in the smart contract.

The task types include but are not limited to computing, storage, bandwidth, and access to repositories.

For instance, if a user wants to host a website in Web3, all s/he needs to do is submit a static website hosting request to the IPFS. First, s/he needs to submit an IPFS storage task that includes a CID. Afterward, FilSwan will generate a specific WID for this task and submit it to the smart contract.

2. Multi Storage Provider

Proton Testnet’s multichain storage application enables users to backup files automatically to multiple storage providers.

FilSwan discovery service helps match available swan providers globally. The selected provider will provide backup services.

3. Small File Merging

Multi-Chain Storage allows users to send small-sized files (as small as 10KB), and merge them. The small file merging function makes small file backup more reliable and less likely to be rejected by storage providers, which can save up to 95% of the gas cost.

For more information about FliSwan features, please check our docs here:

A total amount of 500,000 Swan credits will be available for all participants to share. Track One (User Track) and Track Two (Storage Provider Track) will split the credits pool 7 : 3.

Credits available for the user track = 350,000 credits.

Credits available for the Storage Provider Track = 150,000 credits.

The distribution of credits will depend on each individual’s participation score.

To ensure a fair distribution of rewards to all participants in testnet 2, we are using some quadratic formulas to determine the rewards that each participant earns for their contributions to the network.

1. Rewards for the Top 3 Users

1st place: 40 FIL

2nd place: 30 FIL

3rd place: 15 FIL

How the score ranking is calculated:

2. Rewards for the Top 3 storage service providers

1st place: 50 TB Datacap

2nd place: 35 TB Datacap

3rd place:15TB Datacap each

How the score ranking is calculated:

Score =average deal success rate * total deal amount

3. Swan Credits

How scores and credits are calculated

3.1 Rewards for all the users

Credit Rewarded = (Total Credits Available in this track * 0.5 ) / (Total # of Participants) + (Total Credits Available in this track * 0.5 ) * Individual Score / (sum of all participant score) = (350,000 * 0.5 ) / (Total # of Participants) + (350,000 * 0.5 ) * Individual Score / (sum of all participant score)

3.2 Rewards for all the storage serve providers

Score =average deal success rate * total deal amount

Credit Rewarded = (Total Credits Available in this track ) * Individual Score / (sum of all participant score)= 150,000 * Individual Score / (sum of all participant score)

Multi-Chain Storage (MCS) is a smart contract-based cross-chain storage gateway, with oracle technology for Filecoin storage integrated. It is a cutting-edge blockchain storage solution providing a data cache and presidency layer for decentralized data storage needs. With MCS, you can easily upload any data to the Filecoin network and IPFS, mint NFTs directly to OpenSea, and pay for storage with stable coins like USDC.

About FilSwan

Since 2020, FilSwan has been dedicated to decentralized storage solutions in the Web 3 era, providing layer-2 cross-chain solutions for Web3 projects by integrating data, computing, and payment into one suite. We are now aiming at increasing Web3’s resilience by incentivizing a global community of users and storage providers.

FilSwan is recently incubated by Binance Labs Season 4. We have support from Protocol Labs, the Startup with Chainlink program, and more. We are committed to enabling near-instant delivery of multiple blockchain storage & computing solutions globally and providing users with a best-in-class experience.

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1. How to check the ranking?

A link to the leaderboard will be provided later, and you can also view the daily snapshot of the leaderboard in the #mcs-competition section of our Discord server.

2. How to claim rewards?

The claim website will be announced after the competition. And the rewards will be airdropped into participants’ wallets. Participants can log in to their wallet accounts to check for detailed rewards.

Noted: For the US/Canadian citizens, you need to be an Accredited Investor

While we do not expect it, in the unlikely event that FilSwan determines that legal or regulatory issues prevent the delivery of any portion of rewards, the rewards may be restructured, postponed, or canceled. Please understand.

3. I am not a programmer, can I participate?

Yes. MCS encourages regular users, programmers, and service providers to participate. Regular users can use the page to upload files for rewards, programmers can use the SDK, and vendors can use the Swan Provider.

4. Will the use of MCS SDK program be counted in this competition?

Yes, we also welcome great users to use the MCS SDK to participate. For client-side related operations, please refer to the official document of FilSwan:

MCS SDK Tools (multiminer version)

5. If a bug is found on the testnet, how to report it? Will the report be rewarded?

Yes, there will be rewards for that. If participants find code loopholes during the testing process, they can report to the administrator in our Telegram or Discord. We will reward the first person according to the impact of the actual bug. In addition, the bug reward plan is a long-term plan and does not end with the competition. So you are very welcome to test the project and give us feedback at any time.

6. How do I acquire the testnet coins? And does it cost to store pictures to the Filecoin network?

This testnet uses the testnet coins rather than the main network token.

To add testnet:

To claim the testnet coins:

Noted: The files stored in this testnet are only used for the FilSwan network test and cannot be used for actual formal business applications. For formal use, please wait for the launch of our main network.

7. How to claim rewards? What are the Credits and will it be exchanged for tokens later?

The results of the reward will be announced within three weeks after the competition. Participants can then submit their information for the claim.

For qualified participants, we’ll calculate their Credits according to their tesnet scores and rank them accordingly. Please note that Credits and Scores are different. Those Credits will be registered and recorded but will not be distributed now to participants’ wallets.

About other information related to credits and tokens, we’ll explain later at an appropriate time.

8. I‘m a storage provider, can I get credits for participating in this testnet? And if I also participated in the user file storage competition, can I get double prizes?

Yes, you can participate in the testnet as both a service provider and a user and of course, you can get the prize for both.